Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blog post #8: Updates

We have been busy with making our second mobile game and with other stuff life keeps throwing towards us. But nevertheless, were determined to start working on Peace Quarter again ASAP.

In April, we're taking the narrative script to the public or at least semi-public for the first time. After getting approval that the narrative works we can finally start really doing the concepts for the game that are not changing so easily. This means actually that our narrative writer is going to be hanging out in a creative writing sessions through Easter and come back home with lot of new ideas and good tips. Because, as we have said here many times, it is easier to start really building the levels and gameflow when we know, what we really need and what we want to make. Also, something that really helped was making the pitch for our game. Which is something we have had in our minds for a long time, but you know, when you don't need to do stuff, you won't do stuff. 

Now, life keeps throwing stuff to us and we're keen to get both our mobile games better.

If you're interested, we now have let's plays for both. Check this GemFall Workforce Inc. video by Leon House from below and maybe even give it some love by liking and sharing. 

This week we also gave a first ever pitch about Peace Quarter on Tuesday (which we probably need to learn to do better) and then we participate in school info day with GemFall Workforce Inc.. So in the end, we have been busy. 

_ Rx3 Team

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