Friday, July 21, 2017

Blog Post #15: Landing page ready

We're proud to let you all know that we got our landing page ready for Peace Quarter and we can finally go public with it. Last weeks have been constant crunching, mostly by our coding team, which, as we are small, is basically just one person. But we're so proud. For our landing page and for our coder. Thank you. She also did all the graphic for the site so she has done an amazing job. So feel free to stop by her DeviantArt and see her other artwork there. Or see her online portfolio here.

We got our games landing page ready which means that backing out from the development is now harder. We have already found new things for our games lead programmer to tackle, and basically, he leads himself so...

Like our puzzle system which we have reworked and reworked multiple times. Now, our game designer has settled for puzzle idea(s). Again, fancy title, but means the person who comes up with things that player does in the game. Pretty much one does thing about stuff like 'where does the player go from here', 'what player needs to do in order to progress' and 'is this any fun to play'.

For our landing page, we also got new promo art. GemFall Workforce Inc recruiting poster. You can enjoy it here, but also go see it on the landing page in its natural habitat.

GemFall Workforce Inc art poster is made for our website and it's in-game poster for GemFall Workforce for recruiting. Art and poster style is influenced by NASA mars project posters. 

And remember to pop by Peace Quarter's landing page and drop us a line in our social media if you fancy that.

_Rx3 Team

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