Sunday, February 5, 2017

Blog post #4.5 Oh My Kitties and other stuff we're doing

So we also have made some other things along the way, I mean, we have to try and do other stuff also in order to see how development works and to see what to expect when making a game. So we have made couple of mobile games. (and one point & click game we're not so keen to publish yet because... you know.. stars...can't do it.) 

Harkness of course made his debut in GemFall Workforce Inc - Harkness' Shift but we also are middle of making an another mobile game called Oh My, Kitties - Ayumi's Rescue Mission. It's on open beta so you can try it already. Download it from google play and try.  Full release is planned for Valentine's Day, but as always, this may vary. 

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