Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Blog post #4: About visuals

Now being February and all, we have already made progress with Peace Quarter and mainly we have been doing some research on how to use visuals and what is the visual style. Mood boards and stuff. 

As we are in the indie scene, let’s just say visual style is a big matter. Well it is a big deal in every game, because it’s the first thing people see. … Every section of the game development is important, but now we are talking only about visual style.

Our genre is between the space operas and practical sci-fi, but our style is more or less stylized. Our character of Harkness is probably the best visual cue for it. Harkness is the most important piece of our game and that’s why we are building the world around him. Our tech demo didn’t really have strong sci-fi elements, but hey, it was made in 2 months and we have only one person doing the graphics. For now, at least.  

Tech demo GameXpo 2016

Now that the visual designing of levels has begun and we hope to bring more life to PeaceQ’s visual storytelling. And it's crucial that all the aspects of the game use the same narrative. So that's a bit time consuming, but hey, none said it was going to be easy. 

Dicenete’s note:

Did you know? Harkness’s helmet has some inspiration from Power Rangers’ helmets.  

Peace Quarter theme "Finite Horizon" cover art. // Listen on Youtube

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