Monday, January 9, 2017

Blog post #1

Well hello everyone.
This is our brand-new blog.
We're happy to be able to start Peace Quarter, but more about that later. For this blog, then, we thought it would be fun to follow our process with the game and share our journey with you. Because trust me, we need to learn so much in the process and yeah, it might be hard, but worth it.

But yet, it would be stupid to start jabbing if you don't even know who we are.

About us then. We're indie game company from Kuopio Finland. We have made games so far for mobile (Android) but we're about to continue with our PC project that we started far back when we were just a hobbyist team. After making it official, in 2016, we wanted to make something before we dive into the hardship that is PC game development. You can find us also here. 
Peace Quarter is going to be 2D platformer made with 3D graphics. It's a sci-fi adventure following a hybrid named Harkness in his quest back to home. If you stick with us, you find out more what it's a hybrid and maybe see a glimpse of Harkness' home. 

If you're already interested in Harkness, you can find him on our mobile game. Which is basically his workday. Seriously, if you want to see what his up to lately, you can go download GemFall Workforce Inc. - Harkness' Shift (available for free download on Google Play Store) and try it. And if you gives a word, we can even fix you an ad free version of the game.


We hope to see you with us on the next post. At that time, we have started working on the first levels and dived into the game development. To be continued... 

_Rx3 Team

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