Monday, January 16, 2017

Blog post #2

Now that we have started working, we're starting with going through all the early level concepts. 1-5 early level concepts were made last year so we have something more than the IP to work on. Which is nice. Mostly they're huge concept papers taped together picturing the level, and frankly they're made by our story artist so they're not pleasing to watch, but we get by. I would show a picture, but they’re hideous.

This pretty much means that our story department (olenbluu) and our art department (Dicenete) are working on concepts and thinking the levels through, thinking about stuff you can do and stuff you cannot do. It's fun to think of that, because when we did the early development demo for Finnish GameXpo last year and we had fun to watch how people could break the game, and see the places they went because it was challenging. That is fun way to play, look for invisible walls and "wrong" places. 
It was also good chance for us to see how players interact with our demo because we're building so much on that.

Our humble setup in the GameXpo was this above. We were there with only a laptop, two tablets and two games. But overall the experience was amazing and it was great to see people playing our development demo and it gave us so huge boost, because we felt that we were on the right track. If you happened to be in GameXpo last year and even came close to see our game stand, thank you. 

So, this is our foundation for now. We had to crunch a lot (code, art and level design) last year for the demo, but it also gives us a bit leverage now, to focus on game design now that we know, how people are playing and IF they even find this game interesting. And we have a lot of base code already made so, that’s extra.

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