Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Blog post #3 GGJ17 Special

Part of our team made it to the Global Game Jam this year. (We were attending in Joensuu site.) So, at the Friday our graphic designer and story artist started their journey from Kuopio to Joensuu. It was a journey full of excitement, honour and coffee. And mentos. Because those sugar pills really help you to stay up.

What can we say, it was lot of fun. For our graphical genius, it was almost second time, because she was filming in the 2016 Jam and for our narrative not-so-genius it was first jam ever. Our coding department (consisting of one person) wasn't there, but he has so much more going for him.

We had amazing Jam with everyone in the Joensuu site. We had a grand plan to take pictures and everything, but surprisingly game development in so brief time takes every little time you have available, even if you think you found a time vortex of some kind. Which we didn't.
No time travel magic to help us this time.
That would make everything too easy (if you minus all the trouble facing the time travel in general.)

We also get to see development with Unreal 4 engine. We chose Unity 3D for our own project long time ago and we have been using it with all the project we have made. We did try Adventure Game Studio for our point' and click game in start. We finished with the game, but never felt like it was enough to publish. Maybe some day...

We managed to get the game running (which it did nicely) and it looks and sounds amazing. You can find the game and full credits for our amazing team from the link below.
Global Game Jam 2017
if you're interested and can't find the game from there, contact us here and you can get the game.

_Rx3 team

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