Thursday, April 27, 2017

Blog Post #11: Exhibition and Oh My, Kitties + other news

Our promo art for Peace Quarter (PeaceQ) is part of Design Week Kuopio. We also got Oh My, Kitties fully released and then we also are working on a workshop for local happening. 

Which also raises the question would we need Instagram account for BTS stuff for our game development. I myself like the idea of making the development more open. But, then again, it’s always something more to do that just game development. Maybe we need it, maybe we won’t. Anyway, it has been amazing to get our promo to the exhibition and it looks great printed even though we had no chance to sent the real print file. Anyhow, our talented Dicenete is so proud.

We also got Oh My, Kitties full release on Google Play. I can say that even though we really though we could dodge the last evening crunch, we still ended up fixing sound effects and cut scenes just the night before. With GemFall Workforce Inc. we kind of decided that we would never fall victim for last night crunch plague, but I guess it’s just something that happens. And you can arm yourself against it, but it’s just something you should be aware of that the last night before deadline is always the best time to work. I don’t know why… Productive deadline symptom.

And on the other note, we also got chance to be part of local happening and are reading a demo for workshop we’re having there about narrative and visuals and how find them. It’s like storytelling approach to video games and we’re making a brief demo of a walking simulator game just called Turnip Princess now.  Idea is to walk through our creative process from narrative ideas to scripts to visuals and finally how it all comes together in interactive media of video games.

Right now, our team is also caught up playing Persona 5 and Overwatch Uprising. And Final Fantasy XIV free return campaign is also here so, that’s nice. And, a bit inconvenient when you should be doing stuff.  But hey, you learn writing by reading, so you learn making games by playing games. (Disclaimer: Both need also learning skills, but you get the idea… And an excuse to read or play.)

_ Rx3 Team

Monday, April 10, 2017

Special Blog Post #10: New promo art.

And here it is. Our first promo art. Gaze your eyes on fine art made by our amazing Dicenete. The art is also going to be possibly part of local Design Week exhibition so we're really happy about that. And probably telling you as soon as we know.

Harkness is gazing over Sektor City while enjoying his old cup of joe.

_Rx3 Team