Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Blog post #21 : 2018 ends and 2019 starts. Like that happened.

It was an amazing 2018 and yeah, we haven’t had done too much with Peace Quarter, but we did get a chance to do a customer project which ate all the time.

But I also mean that we are financially stable at the moment (at least for now) so not too shabby. But for this year, Peace Quarter is going to be on our mind.

We have been taking part in local game jams and one of them particularly was a good one, because we won it and that lead us to make a pilot for local project. Which is also the customer project I was writing about there. And that pretty much took a huge amount of time in our fall, but it’s now over happily and it went well.

And not only that, but our graphic artist has been active and done amazing work though out the year, and side note that she has also started her thesis that is going to have a part of concept for new possible project we would love to work on some day. So she’s been busy. 

And there’s a lucky chance that we could or would port GemFall Workforce inc. into iOS because we have a possibility to do that now. 

YouTube // Rx3 Studio
GemFall Workforce Inc. - Harkness' Shift (Now available. See description)

And maybe do a better trailer because that’s with the old music and now a days we have music by Pauli Ondruska on the game that’s also available to listen on YouTube and SoundCloud.

YouTube // Rx3 Studio
GemFall's Work Anthem

Other stuff was those game jams, part of our team was on Peliviikko and we pretty much failed to make the Peace Quarter. But it’s happening. Because we want to. 

YouTube // Rx3 Studio
Peace Quarter Teaser Trailer August 2017

And Global Game Jam is also dawning on us so that's something that our team is looking forward. And hey, maybe we get those short stories once I (olenbluu here) start to look through the story files and other shenanigans and see if I have something to share.