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Peace Quarter

If you are interested in Peace Quarter press kit or just in general about promo art for the game, want to know more or just want to say hi, please let us know and email us. 

Music and videos;

Harkness in harm's way. Peace Quarter teaser trailer August 2017

Finite Horizon. Theme. Peace Quarter. (Youtube) See full credits from the Youtube video description.

Promo art;

Peace Quarter promo art. Harkness sipping his morning cup of coffee. 

Peace Quarter (PeaceQ) in Design Week Kuopio game art exhibition in April 2017

GemFall Workforce Inc recruit poster. Promo art. Made for Peace Quarter landing page. 

GemFall Workfroce Inc - Harkness' Shift 

GemFall WorkForce Inc. - Harkness' Shift menu screenshot 2016

GemFall Workforce Inc. Harkness' Shift Gameplay Trailer (Youtube)

Oh My, Kitties - Ayumi's Rescue Mission

Screenshots from the menu screen for comparison from February 2017 open beta and from 2016 closed beta. On 25.4 Oh My, Kitties was fully released on Google Play Store. Updates still coming.

Oh My, Kitties - Ayumi's Rescue Mission menu screenshot 2017

Oh My, Kitties - Ayumi's Rescue Mission menu screenshot 2016

Oh My, Kitties cutscene art:

Ayumi and kitties in front yard.

Ayumi and kitties in garage. 

(c) Rx3 Studio

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