Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Blog post #20 Global Game Jam 2018

So, like the year before we took part in Global Game Jam. We're on our way to make the game, but sometimes is just nice to sit back and do something different and get the year to kickstart in right gear.

This year we had plans to participate as a whole team, take our coder with us, but then we find out he needed to be rocking on somewhere else and it was just our graphic artist and writer, like the last year. (No really, he was rocking somewhere else, playing music and stuff.)
So what did we do then?

Rather than sticking too close orbit, we decided to go half rogue and see what we can make. Our graphic artist, Dicenete, was helping on another team also and did character art for Olenbluu. And we got help from Pauli Ondruska and he made an awesome theme for the simple RPG Maker game our writer made with her restricted skills. You should definitely go see his work on SoundCloud or YouTube.

So the game was pretty simple, made on RPG Maker VX Ace. But what was the most fun was to get to make documents, like the narrative script. This is something you don't get to make when jamming, for a very good reason. The team usually has no time to wait for the narrative to catch up, but being that the narrative lead was making the game with help of graphics and audio working pretty much as freelancers, the narrative script was part of the documenting the game making.

So, if interested go check the jam site we're on and play some free games. Like, there's a lot of nice and fun free games to try out on Global Game Jam website so use that opportunity.

And the game file, first notes and the narrative script for the Omega Transmission 10018 part of our Peace Quarter team made in the jam.

And our narrative writer was also featured in writing blog as this weeks interview so be sure to check that also.

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